Galaxy Tab A 8”

This Performance Android tablet has an 8” PLS TFT display and great sound. The Tablet is optimal for assistive technology mobile applications making it a great solution for individuals with disabilities.

Galaxy A10e Smartphone

This Smartphone Set includes an application that personalizes the audio on the

smartphone specifically for the user, and earbuds. The Performance Android smartphone has a large 5.83" PLS TFT display and great sound.

Clearsounds CSC600ER

This telephone includes a waterproof Emergency Alert Pendant to wear around the neck or wrist. It has a built-in amplifier and large, easy to read buttons that make dialing simple. One push of the button on the pendant summons responders from your personal contacts and 911.

Clearsounds A1600 BT

This cordless Bluetooth phone has a one-touch emergency button to summon help. Pairing your cell phone to this device is simple and allows you to answer cell phone calls on the amplified handset, eliminating the need for a landline phone.  This phone also features a built-in answering machine.

Clearsounds CSTTAP8

This versatile 8 Inch LG tablet delivers the android experience with outstanding quality and mobility. Useful for video streaming, email, or just surfing the Internet.  Ideal for Skype and other video conferencing apps or specialized apps for Voice to Text.  Insert any pay-as-you-go (GSM) sim card and use it as a cell phone.

Motorola Moto G4

Stay in touch with loved ones with this unlocked Motorola Moto G phone. It has a thin, lightweight design for comfort and a micro-texture back and rounded edges for an enhanced grip. TurboPower-enabled charging provides extra battery juice in 15 minutes, and you can talk with others via any carrier with this unlocked Motorola Moto G phone.

Moto E4 Plus with Synapptic App

Comprehensive solution helping people with low vision or blindness to easily use a smartphone without using a screen reader. Synapptic takes over the smart device to make everything operate through simple, easy-to-see, high-contrast, speaking menus (size and contrast color of your choice).


This amplified cell phone has an Alert SOS button that when pressed alerts up to five responders by calling and texting the five pre-designated contacts from the address book to summon help.

Lucia Mobile Phone

There is nothing else like it in the world! Lucia is a user-friendly mobile phone that allows persons who are disabled to remain independent.


Advanced features such as accessible buttons in different colors and shapes, voice guide to transform the phone into a talking companion, ergonomic design, combined with long battery life, make this high-quality, Swiss-made phone the perfect mobile phone for users who are disabled.

Clearsounds HD500

The HD500 is not ear specific and you can easily switch the headset to fit either ear. Binaural (both ears covered) headsets can be worn with the microphone being positioned on either ear.

Clearsounds Quattro 4.0 LITE

The Quattro 4.0 LITE is the new & improved upgrade to our best-selling Quattro Classic Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop, which has served our customers well and been an excellent source of inspiration for ongoing product development. However, technology is constantly evolving and the time has come to retire the Quattro Classic and introduce a ‘lite’ version of our award-winning Quattro 4.0 in its place.

Clearsounds A700

Stylish. Simple. Powerful. The all-new ClearSounds A700 Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine provides the robust features you’re looking for with incredible additions that you will love.

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