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FREE Medical / Safety Alert Equipment

Welcome to Senior Assist Texas!  We are dedicated to helping senior citizens and the handicapped live safe and independent lives!

Senior Assist Texas is a registered vendor of the "Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program" (STAP), a resource of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).  STAP provides financial assistance for the purchase of specialized assistive communications equipment for individuals whose disability interferes with their ability to access their telephone network.  The equipment we provide is 100% covered by the STAP Voucher Program, so our clients never pay anything out of pocket!  The program is only for Texas residents and is subsidized by a small sales tax fee on every Texan’s phone bill.

Although the STAP program was not created to help Texans with medical/alert equipment; Senior Assist Texas

offers a telephone that INCLUDES an Emergency Med-Alert Button that calls responders for help in case of an emergency. These telephones work similar to various alert systems seen advertised on TV, except there are NO MONTHLY FEES. There are no monthly monitoring fees because the phone is FREE and the Med-Alert Button works in conjunction with the phone.  This can be a savings of as much as $600 per year to a person on a fixed income.

Qualifying for this program has nothing to do with age, income or insurance!  You only need to have at least ONE of the following disabilities:

  • Hearing Loss / Deaf

  • Vision Loss / Blind

  • Upper Mobility Loss

  • Cognitive Impairment

  • Speech Impairment

The STAP program provides the equipment ABSOLUTELY FREE to all qualified applicants!

(Note: The program does not pay for telephone service.)  

Senior Assist Texas

915 White Marlin Dr,  Burleson, TX  76028

Hours:  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM,  Monday - Friday 

PLUS No Monthly Monitoring Fee!


I really appreciate the staff at Senior Assist Texas.  They were very cordial and attentive to my needs. I love my new Smart Phone!.”


Prissy Anderson


“I am so appreciative of how Senior Assist helped my mom with her new phone at the nursing home where she lives.  It is great that she can hear us and we don't have to yell."


                                                   Mary Bell

“Senior Assist went over and above in helping me with my phone. They came to my home twice because I was having problems programming my phone. I really appreciate their help.”


                                                    Katie Martinez


“I am so glad Senior Assist has bilingual Community Education Directors because they could understand and communicate with my mom and her issues.”


                                                     Jose Garcia

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