Senior Assist Texas

Welcome to Senior Assist Texas!  We're dedicated to helping seniors and the handicapped live healthy, safe and independently!

We provide emergency alert telephone systems that call for help in an emergency FREE of charge to Texas residents only, with no monthly monitoring fees through a state funded program. 


We also provide amplified telephones for hearing impaired, big button phones for vision impaired and remote controlled phones for mobility impaired, plus cordless phones and cell phones as well, all FREE to Texas residents based on need, not ability to pay.  Basically any Texan who has a qualifying need can get a telephone or other equipment.  Click HERE to see if you qualify!


Want us to tell your senior group about this program?  We'll come with information and applications to help you get your telephone and equipment.  To have a speaker come click here.

ClearSounds CSC600ER Emergency Alert Phone

Emergency Alert Telephones

What would you do if you fell at home and nobody was there to help?  An emergency alert telephone system comes with a waterproof pendant, and with a push of a button you can call for help.  If you live in Texas we can help you qualify for this phone so you can get it free!  Even better there is no monthly monitoring fee.  We also can get you qualified for free:

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